Monday, August 24, 2009


Read the dates wrong--has been more than 30 days but as I said: I will do better the next 30 days

One Month

Well I noticed that my first blog was 30 days ie one month ago--didn't do to well on that 30 day challenge!! I will try to do 15 for the next 30 days!!
Actually, I have some blog catching up with some good stuff for the month of August.

Today was a GREAT day as I took our grandaughter to her 1st day of Kindergarten. She was both excited and nervous as we entered the building and classroom, but she lost the nervous side within the first 5 minutes. Fast Forward to 3:10pm. Picked her up and her take on school was lots of fun things to do, I Love it!! Her favorite activity was computer lab, so yes John and Katy, she does take after yall. She also like the really big library. We went for mexican food tonight and now I am sooo full but was a super yummy treat for me since we don't have mexican restraunts.

What do you think about my background? Katy and I jazzed it up and I like it--think it looks alot more like me than the old one!!
Off to bed as I need to get "butter bean" up and ready for school again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My friend Janie said I was suppose to blog each day for 30 days---Yeah, like that is going to happen. Maybe I should have named it sporatic rather than chaotic!

We Had a really great July. Got moved into the new house minus lots of cabinets, mirrors, and faucets. If a bathroom had a mirror, it didn't have a faucet or vice versa--but we have the really important stuff like John's super special toliet. That's fodder for another blog!

The best part about July was the kids all got to come for a visit except Cody. He is waiting for fall and hunting season to see Pennsylvania. Katy and Aubrie came right after the 4th of July and stayed two weeks. We had a great time except for Katy's kidney stone incident. We went to Niagra Falls and our room looked over the Horseshoe Falls--What a view that was. Katy and I toured some wineries and I discovered ice wine--sweet but yummy. Aubrie loved roaming ou back yard which ends at a pasture with 4 horses and a big dirt hill. She checked on the horses daily and gave them each a name and some apple slices. Her next favorite thing was going ice skating at the iceoplex near John's office. The Penguins practice here also. Katy got to gamble, go to the horse races, and go to her fav store-Penn Mac (a speciality food store) in the strip district. She also earned her keep by putting a grill and patio table together. Lets just say that it was complicated enough for her to consume most of a bottle of wine afterwards!!

Becky came in 24 hrs after Katy and Aubrie left! She was here acouple of days and then Kyle came up. We went to Lancaster (the Amish country) and Hershey PA for the weekend. The countryside around Lancaster was very green and pretty with their large white barns and crops growing in the fields. Kyle also made a run to PennMac, his favorite Pittsburgh store. After Kyle left, Becky and I did girl things and even vegged out 1 day after a nite of partying with some of the range girls. Becky helped her dad with his 1st annual AADE sporting clay shoot by working a station and selling LOTS of raffle tickets. We were SAD to see each of them leave.

NOW it's August, and John is at the Pirates game on a beautiful 70 degree night eating great food and I am home unpacking boxes and eating ramen noodles!! I am thinking--sooo not fair!

Enough for tonight--now I try to get pictures to go with this. Well I can't find where JKA put the latest pictures, so will try to get them up this weekend. Bear with me as I am still a newby at this.

Take care everyone--Suzan

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My very first blog

Hi--well I am a little late to the blogging party--but Katy is helping me so I will be up and running with the rest of y'all shortly!!